Tonight Testo

Testo Tonight

J Ax e Fedez tornano con Assenzio
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You're fed up, you can't do it
Close your eyes and I'll talk you through it
It's too bad that your plan got red-tagged
You're leaving home with your heart in a handbag

I don't know where they found you
But I know they'd be lost without you
Sanding at the gate with a tear in their eye
As they wave goodbye

You're tied up, you can't make it
Take your time 'cause you can't replace it
You left home with a pack of old clothes
You got stuck, that's how this story goes

They clipped your wings and left you
They locked the door and let you pull yourself apart with silent grief

But I could be
Something special, something sane
Something used, something plain
I could take you away, I could take you away
Take my hand, don't be shy
Please don't beg, please don't cry
I could take you away, I could take you away tonight
I can tell by the look in your eyes that you need saving
And I can tell by the scars on your feet that your way needs paving
  • Guarda il video di "Tonight"
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