So Quickly We Forget Testo

Testo So Quickly We Forget

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
So quickly we forget
Like none of it even mattered
isn't this what you've always wanted

[Pre Chorus:]
Ive been trying for 13 fucking years
there is something, always something
show me the end
when will it end
When did i lose it all

I got to figure it out
i got to trace my steps
it seems like Ive gone and lost my roots
and now I've got nothing left to hold on to

do you remember when i saved your life [2x]
i know there's and end
cause Ive seen it
wake me up
tell me this is just a dream [2x]

[Pre chorus]

When will when will it stop [x2]

It pulled you under and i helped to pull you out
all you had to hold on to was your breath and my hand