Save Us Now Testo

Testo Save Us Now

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We were destined for failure she said,
You can take what's left of this apartment,
And throw it out with all your regrets.
Well I'll take this vow of silence,
Until these words cave in my chest,
Because I know you need me more than that,
I know you love me more than that.

But I know, that not even love can save us know,
Before, you go, can we try to work this out somehow?
Before you try to take the lead,
Remember who wrote this song,
Now do your best to move along.

Is there anything else I have the right to know?
Because I swear there's something different about your smile.
But no, take this vow of silence,
Because the truth might break my heart.
And you know you need me more than that,
You know you love me more than that.

I remember when this dance was only meant for you and me,
Well these city lights are shining,
But I'm 3000 miles divided,
From where you know I really want to be.

California's where you'll find me sleeping,
But this New York dreamer will keep on dreaming
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