His Life For Mine Testo

Testo His Life For Mine

Inserito il 17 Agosto 2009
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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His heart was broken mine was mended,
He became sin now I am free
The cross he carried bore my burden,
The nails that held him set me free

His life for mine
His life for mine
How could it ever be?
That he would die,
Gods son would die
To save a wretch like me
What love divine,
He gave his life for mine

His scares of suffering brought me healing,
He shed his blood to fill my soul
His crown of thorns made me loyalty,
His sorrow Gave me joy untold,

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He was despise and rejected
Striped of his garments and oppressed
I am loved and accepted
And I wear a robe of righteousness

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Scarica la suoneria di His Life For Mine!
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