Get None Testo

Testo Get None

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Turn it up, uh, uh, uh-uh, naw, naw

Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight
That don't mean you're taking me home tonight
Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight
That don't mean you're taking me home tonight

Mr. First Class Baller
I've got a few things to say to you
Right now you're getting on my nerves
With your tricking bad habit issues
Now I'm sure if I was with you
No doubt I would be laced up
But I gotta term paper due
Don't get it confused
My mind is on other things not you

[1] - You can go home, run your phone bill up
Dial your cell phone
But you don't get none
You can page me all you want but I won't call back
Oh no you won't get none
You can buy me diamonds, nice trips on the beach
But you still don't get none
Stop trying to use cash to get you some ass
Face the facts nigga you ain't gonna get none

I ain't a part-time lover
There's a couple things I just don't do
I won't be no hoe, just drop my clothes
And all the silly things you're used to

So if you stepping, approach me like a lady
Or there is no me at all
I take my time, won't cross the line
Until I really know, oh no
I've seen your type before
You think you got so much game
Money is everything and that's all I need to be happy
Soon you're gonna see
That's not how it should be
Until that day, boy you get nothing

Okay if it's going like that
Let it go like this
Why you all up in the corner with me drinking my Cris'
Straight laughing, talking, leading me on

Huh? No that was your ass reading me wrong

Now ma, come on, you act like I'm the broke type
You can't be serious

What? Acting like I'm the hoe type
Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight
That don't mean that you taking me home tonight

Shit is that right?

That's right, get your act tight
And press your brakes, put on your back lights

But what you saying, I'm playing
And I ain't gon' get it
I'm the man girl look at how quick I got your digits

Oh, that's just my pager

I know that, but I'm saying

But if you know that, you know I ain't got to call you back
Poppin' Cris' all night like I'mma fall for that (uh-huh)
You need more that to pull a baller's act nigga (turn it up)

[Repeat 1 until fade]
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