Can't Get Enough Testo

Testo Can't Get Enough

I know you usually don’t hear me talk like this
But I got a little game that I want to play
Are you ready?

[Verse 1]
When I think about you…
I think about giving myself to you
Cause you know I want you babe
I will do anything
I know you’re thinking the same thing babe

So come and get it, get it (come and get it)
I’m so excited
I can’t hide my feelings (I cant hide my feelings) Get it
I wont stop until we start over and finish (finish)
Tonight it’s all about my baby
I’m feelin for you get me high
I can’t stop you feel me right?

[Chorus X2]
Close the door
Bed or floor
I want more
I can’t get enough of you
What I got in store
It’s all yours
I just want more
I can’t get enough of you

[Verse 2]
When I think about us
I think about the way that we make love
The way that you make me sweat
Make me want a cigarette
And I ain’t no smoking chick
But you got me want it
So don’t stop (Yeah)
You making me high (Ohhhhh)
I feel it right there (Yeah)
We tossing and turning
So keep it right there (Yeah)
My adrenaline is pumping right
Stomach muscles getting tight
Skin so wet my finger slides

Gone take you to a place
You ain’t never been (Again and again, want you to feel it baby)
Ohhh ohhhh
I’m bout to handle my business that’s (You…)
Make sure you handle Meee too

[chorus X2]

I know you’ll lose after the second round

Put on a little show
To let you baby know
By then I should be screaming uncontrollably
Hope your ready to stay up
One time is not enough (One time)
Cause nothings too much baby
You’re just what I want baby

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