She Lies Testo

Testo She Lies

She's always with her friends
She's always with her friends
She says she's running around with her..

She's always on my mind
I need her in my life
She lies
She lies
Too much to me
Tell me where the places you go
Tell me where the hell you been
She says shes running around with her friends

She's always on my mind
I can't forget that
I'm whipped, I'm sprung
I admit that
How can something so good be bad for you
Same people
Same club
Don't that bore ya
If you had a man
You won't be in the club
Now you got a man and your still in the club
Your friends ain't no good
What I'm tryin to tell you
Compulsive liars and they act all hard too


I thought we had somthing
But you don't want none
You like to say in the club with your friends frontin
You's a butterfly
All you do is stay high
Whisperin on the phone everytime I walk by
Ask me if I'm goin out cus you about to
You got kids boo
Just to remind you
You kissin on me so you need a couple dollars huh
You won't be gone long
Favorite thing to say huh


There's something bout you
I can't stay mad boo
Even through all the sneaky stuff that you do
You always gotta meet you friends on the other street
You think your game that good that I can't peek (what)
You think your brain that good that you got me (no)
You games so lame and its sloppy
You keep lying
And put your friends before me
Your gon' come home one day
And won't find me


Working on my relationship
What can I do
When she's running around with her crew
I don't know if I can take it
What can I say
When she's gone the whole day
With her girls and you know
They be lying
Off in the car
Why they drinkin and driving
Goose in the car blues
With the music up
On the way to the club
It's over

She's always on my mind
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