I Wanna Be That Testo

Testo I Wanna Be That

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
A young producer that needs no instruction on productions
jay frizzle breathe easy my nizzle
A young R/B singer slash swanger
it's got to be tisank pablieve it.

See I aint really tryna waste ya time
girl I just wanna talk with ya
get something on your mind
see i be mighty good to ya
the type that'll tuck you in that you can
depend that i'm that type of friend
you can call when the clock gets late
around seven or eight, nine or ten


Girl i wanna be that
player who gets that late night call
can't ya see that (girl what's up with you)
tryna, tryna find out just where ya be at
so I can come through and beat that
I wanna be the one you call
whenever your friend feel like she need that.

I'm the type of guy that understands the proper way to deal with ya
I feel like ya need a man now can I just be real with ya
I can't give the world to you
I can't even promise that I'm going be all the way true.
But you can call me girl around 11 or 12, 1 or 2

Repeat chorus.

Your a super fly girl I'm a super fly guy
no kay gator boots flying through the sky
two am I wanna fall through so we can lay it down
til the sky light blue I wanna do the damn thing girl
make the box spring sang girl so get of that lane.
me and Tank tryna run a little chew chew train.

Repeat chorus.
until fade
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