The Storm Testo

Testo The Storm

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Look i can't watch you
Sleep-walking through this
Should we find another party
I'm not shining tonight just radioactive
You have carbonated my bloodstream

When i stumble
It will be under your spell, at your command
And when i stumble
It will be into your hand

Too much passion we waste
In just trying to get it right one time
With our clothes on we're brave
And mummified and out of sight

When i stumble...

Can it be
Can it be the storm has passed

I'm not finished yet, i'm under construction
You can peek behind the curtain if you want
You watch, don't stop
My reputation's shot
I just wanted to get it right

Can it be
Can it be the storm has passed
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