Choppa Testo

Testo Choppa

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Man a man just as long as dem fit ina wi hand, have wheels under dem ass
and cash ina dem
hand is all about whe dem a tek wi, nuh whe dem a come from, as long as
dem fit ina wi
progressive plan, cause what is a man whe caan let off a grand or carry
we go Asylum ina
Navigator van, wi nuh drink suck suck a Canei and Baby Cham cause u
haffi pay dear fi di
rude girl slam

Yuh haffi be a Choppa, or you caan get nuh Nah nah (rep)

A nuff wife out deh nuh like see we face cause whe wi a spend nuh man
pocket nuh safe, what
a gal skill from foot dung to waist hold a man tight and wuk pan im
case, later on im haffi
buy out di place, we nuh mind share Onie cause money man scarce, we nuh
beat round nuh
bush we a cut to di chase cause no tree nah grow ina wi face

Yuh haffi be a Choppa, or you caan get nuh Nah nah (rep)

Big up all di British crew an dem money, yuh know say it nuff an no gal
caan done it, God
Bless man dem a oney a we honey, no gal caan tek oonu fi nuh Bugs Bunny,
Lexus man dem
hot to di max, Thats why wi haffi Big up you name pan wax, respect due
to the Roes crew, all
over di world gal nuh stop cry fi you, and respect due to the rude girl
dem too, Like Lady
Terror and di one Suzy Q,, Paula An , Elise and Barby, Carlene, Lady
Saw, Lady G,

We a Dapper, dem haffi talk to we Proper..
An dem haffi be a Choppa, or dem nah get we Nah nah


Choppa : Money Man, Hot Man
Nah Nah: Love
Grand One Thousand Dollars
Dear: Expensive
Caan: Cannot
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