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Testo Damn You

Inserito il 04 Agosto 2006
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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Came to your wedding, uninvited
Walk to the church and, sat down inside it
I wanted to scream your name
let everybody see my pain
When you said I do, I died
Then it was time for you, to kiss the bride
Through tears I saw your lips turn pale
You kissed her and my world turn pale
I thought I was a part of your life
But they pronounced you man and wife
saw the emotions in your eyes
And in the church I started to cry

Damn You and your wedding bells
(wat a lier)
Damn you
you left me under(ketch afire)
Damn you
you gonna burn in hell
If thats what you want then you got want you want boy

Damn you
And your bedroom eyes (wat a lier)
Damn you
And your beleivable lies (ketch afire)
Damn you
you know you gonna fry
If thats what you want then you get wat you want boy

(if you belive in carma then you know what you doing gonna come right round you know that the hurt you did today its not free u gonna pay)

So I got up and start running blindly
had to get that painful scene behind me
The wind pounding in my ears
Seems to be laughing at my river of tears
I didnt wait for you to walk my way I sticked around until she threw the boquay
I coudnt trust myself to justify and not flood this church with the tears I cried
Last night I was in your arms you held me and kept me warm cant help feeling left behind as she walked away with what you said was mine



You said the lame up thing anno u dat
Hurt me u mad und never do that
Now me know fi a fact sey anno true dat
seet dey u betray me
u likkle judas



Father me know u see him commit
the atrosity and vegenance is yours all we need is a likkle reciprosity nothing too major just equal pain u know weh me a feel already father mek him feel de same

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