To The Limit Testo

Testo To The Limit

If experience teaches wisdom, how some guy a profess so much wisdom
Based entirely off the fact weh them proudly proclaim,
Say them nuh experience noten yet?
Well you know me, born to do it and do it well in spite of and despite some cruff

Some people spend a lifetime, only experience politics and religion
Some people seize every moment, others stay governed by indecision
Some people live their life like a victim, resign to failure and them refuse fi see that
Just siddung and a complain bout the system
And nuh wah try noten? No star! A nuh me that

I live my life like there's an engine revving in it, a push every minute to the limit and I
Never back from a challenge, you a see me in it a push every minute to the limit now
And if the ball no wah fi roll then me haffi fling it, push every minute to the limit and I
Nah siddung fi a next guy come begin it, a push every minute to the limit now

Some people spend a fortune trying to live up to others expectations
Sacrifice their heart's desire to preserve superficial relations
Some people live their life like a metaphor; clean as a whistle, neat as a pin
That's not the kind of vibe I'm looking for, haffi try a likkle bit of almost everything so

Repeat Hook

And I love life too much fi nuh try
A wah me say, me still a do this all when me friend dem a betray me like Judas
Them think me spineless so me show them a who this
Turn around and pity them because them clueless
Me tell them, them cant touch noten weh mi father anoint
And them still nah get mi point
Tell them again

Repeat Hook
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