Never To Return Testo

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Testo Never To Return

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Music: T. Exxel - Words: R. Mythisian]

It's so calm before the storm
Without a warning we all are gone
They say you can't fight fate
So I guess we'll have to wait

Desensitizing all we see
Look at the violence on T.V.
Is there no true escape
From all this mental rape?

The wrath of God has come upon the earth!
Evil men will get what they deserve.


No, I can't just close my eyes,
There is no way we can resist.
Is something in all of us
to blame for all of this?


It's hard to keep your sanity when you don't know yourself
Get me the hell out of there, the millions cry for help
Man keeps building weapons to annihilate the earth
Never to return!

It's gettin' worse as we go on,
A mushroom cloud won't be long,
The countdown has begun
To get blown to kingdom come!

How long can this go on?
The days of peace now are gone,
so enjoy each day and night
Thank God we're still alive!

The wrath of God has come upon the earth!
Evil men will get what they deserve.

[repeat bridge and chorus]

[solo Ferdy]

[repeat bridge and chorus]
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