Crimson Deep Testo

Testo Crimson Deep

Sometimes I see the pulse
numb I feel,
so unreal.
Blood on my lips I taste the heavy lead.
What can I find behind the mirror,
I'll never know.
Who's the reflection within?

Should I frame for you the other world?
Another world?
I've heard the voices of Elysium.
The scent of a sudden wish,
never there, everywhere.
Read me the space in-between.

Sharp is the edge of all discovery,
now I see.
A scar without suffering, impossible.
I'll wait until my last day
with no shame.
Who's to blame?
Shaping the signs left for me.
Come to me
I cried
I need you.
I am seeking
the gates unfold inside
my lost soul
in the dark.
Far beneath my breath
I'm burning
at my core.
Show me how
let me see beyond
I will find
my Crimson Deep
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