Descendants Of Power Testo

Testo Descendants Of Power

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

We know the war that rages in the minds of youth
We're gonna bring it out for all to see
These years of our life have not been soft or smooth
That's the way we always wanted it to be

We're the rising order, we're the way
The descendants of power

Mass media tells us of the new age of darkness
Ignorance and fear spreading from the hands that rule
You may think you're getting something but you're always getting less
So join our forces stop being a fool

We're the word of truth, we're the way
The descendants of power

We make a prophecy a sound will come that'll break the earth
A shout that'll rise from the pits of hell
This is the time for us to undergo rebirth
Time to fight and cut the hands that weave the spell

We're the word of truth, we're the way
The descendants of power
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