Iron Stars Testo

Testo Iron Stars

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Music: Marco & Zachary Hietala, Janne Tolsa]
[Lyrics: Marco Hietala]

The earth shook and the mighty angels wept
the brooms of fire sadly swept
In a flash of light all we knew was lost
no one was left to bear the cost

Parasites were fed, weak hearts had bled,
mediocres were lost between
In the end they all screamed and burned
the faulty ones laughed and died unseen

The darkness rules the molten graves alone,
where millions of fools lived in sin
All those who bowed to the unholy throne,
were to see the skull beneath the grin

Torches from hell let out their deadly scream
The demons cracked the blue sky with flames
Riding trough flesh and steel on a laser beam
ridding the unborn of their names

Iron stars in their mindless courses
corpses blown by the void
Thunder rolled with heavenly horses
as they crashed and were destroyed

The earth shook and the mighty angels wept
the brooms of fire sadly swept

Iron stars...

Voices of those who had to die in vain
can be heard echoing through the night
A useless replay of their endless pain
never finding their way to the light

Iron stars...
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