Cathartik Testo

Testo Cathartik

I never wanted to be a simple man
I'd rather live all my days as a lion
Than a thousand as a lamb
I only wanted to see
What would happen to me
If I followed the road
That leads to the palace we all seek

Did you come here lamenting what you missed
Overcome and seduced by this
The beautiful abyss
What did you come here to see
What are you trying to be
You're like a shadow that swallows life
Now you're crawling over me

The time's come again
It's nearing the end
But I feel no shame
Do you feel the same
Because I know I'll be alright
If I make it through tonight
Well I swear I'll try to change
Once again

Try to change

Innocence is a face that always lies
Innocence is a wish for some
But it's something I can't buy
What are you trying to prove
So many mountains to move
And all your demons are heaven sent
My lost cathartik friend

Try to change
Try to change
Try to change
Try to change
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