White Water Siren Testo

Testo White Water Siren

Imagine this,
If it all falls in place
And your love,
Under will, comes as grace
All you'll see is mystery face to face

Would you tell
Should you speak
Could you say
That the love
That you feel's
Come of age
All you see is mystery and obey

And put your arms around her waist
Remember all forgotten days
The seduction song
This white water siren song

Circles me
Circles you
Circles all
And enchants
And delights
And enthralls
All we see is mystery
All in all

Everyone's a star that shines
All we see in life are signs

Should I tell
Could I speak
Could I say
That my love
Under will's
Glimpsed its grace
All I see is mystery
and I obey
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