Our Ride To The Rectory Testo

Testo Our Ride To The Rectory

It comes and it kills. Cruising the earth. Attacking your towns. As you watch from outside, and noone felt the crashes in your hearts.

And noone felt anything at all. Detecting ourselves, as you watch from outside. And everyone's thrill, it crashes in your heart.

There's another way; any other one, couldn't stop the fingers from freezing. Until you're driven half-awake, All you ever want; safe inside the covers and freezing. Drove so far away; noone would ever stop. Couldn't tell the difference between them. And then you struggle, under quake; Hope you never stop, hope you never finish breathing.

How does it feel to clip the patient on the wing feather? Where does the pain stop, and the tearing through begin, if ever? Temperature lockdown; way consumed. Froze in a block with a blazing view. Tazing the numbers, one through two; fit in the standard size.

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