Business Up Front, Party In The Back Testo

Testo Business Up Front, Party In The Back

It's too late the fine
line, oh, it's been crossed, you burn every bridge you create. I'm
getting swept up in you, your getting swept up in me, we try to pretend
but we're running towards a dead end.
(And I cannot stop, and I will not stop)
We're jumping in there's room to fit if you move it, move it
You got me coming back for more.
Come on say, hey, hey, if you want it, oh if you want it
Pick your feet up if you feel it
We're coming back for more
I'm not playing with you, don't be angry with me
Just hold up for a second please, and girl it's alright, just hold on tight to me
Let's dirty this scene up real nice tonight
Stop trying to fight us 'cuz we already won, we've already won
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