She's Easy But Hard To Forget Testo

Testo She's Easy But Hard To Forget

I've never been much for words, catch phrases are so over rated and your so under rated, it's a shame oh yeah.
And I prefer to be the better man that's so well spoken but I'll leave this part unsaid.
Is this turning you on?
I aim to please, I dare you to tease a thought or two about what we can do
(baby let's stop and put the past behind us)
I aim to please so let's work it now, work it out, so take these words and feel it for the first time.
I'd prefer if you would stop and just let it go, but there's a bit of information that's begging for attention now.
I'm reaching out being sensible, next time I'll be a little more careful, baby can you help me kick the habit?
Baby can you help me kick the habit?
Do you feel it for the first time, for the first time baby.
If you can feel you can follow, it's so real tomorrow I'm gone, so feel the beat and just dance to me, dance to me
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