Stay Posi Testo

Testo Stay Posi

You know your actions seem to speak just a little bit louder
Than I think you intend them to be
Your words they seem to find an escape from your mouth at the end of the day
We'll put back more than we set out for, could it ever be enough or are you holding out on me tonight.
I know it's been said, we're totally misled, but I'm making my way through
Speak it up, speak a little bit louder
I wake up to the fear around me, am I living it up, am I sleeping it off?
Cuz I've been dreaming oh so well, that sometimes I can't even tell
Will I ever have a chance to live it up this way, alright, I guess I'll play it off okay
So I'll fly away from this place and retrace my steps, I'm still looking for that second chance and I'm gonna get my hands on it
You're falling away, I won't follow after
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