Beat You Up Testo

Testo Beat You Up

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
(feat. Big Scoob, Lebowski & The Weapon)

When it's drama in the air
I'm a beat you up
You don't fuck with me
I don't care
I'm a beat you up
Anytime or anywhere
I'm a beat you up [x3]
Yeah yeah

This is anger
This to anybody who say something
Derrogotory about a stranger
Meaning strange music
Or connected it's best
If ya just exit when your neck get's requested
To get slit

Niggas be hiding behind they myspace irrate
But get all buddy buddy in my face
I hate envious motherfuckers
Better migrate
Off into something other than my state

If you was better than us
Gettin more cheddar than us
You would be measuring up
You niggas ain't clever enough
All of you bitchin because you wishin
You was in our position
Fuck you niggas
Anybody blow
We make the decision

Strange music
Trav and tech having threats
From cyber thug niggas
Yapping shit ain't happened yet
Cause you fags in check
What do we need to be cashing next
That'll be your soul motherfucker cause your ass in debt
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