Earregular Testo

Testo Earregular

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
The Great Omnipotent Doc Strange is my name!
Never don't try find me
Why? Why? Cause I'm lost in the clouds
N9ne? Earregular boss in the house

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I don't hear what you hear, nigga
Because I hear different you label me a wierd nigga
I like that, and I like mixing dark and some clear liquor
For the night cap, although we ain't the same I cheers with ya
Then I'm right back, listning to Doors records
While I get groupie whores naked
If it's a blood and gore message, in a movie I'll sure catch it
My brain's a vorplex it, got many levels, your message
Make a nigga want to ignore that shit, y'all pissy poor, that's it
Intricate bred I'm a bit, pompous, if I want it, that I'mma get
While you're mad at your bitch
Cause you know she at the back of the bus kissing the tat on my dick
You gotta be sick, then I had her, thick anatomy, hit with the flattery tricks
Stagger these raggety battery pricks
Snake and bat ain't average, that'll be quits
On one, two, three, my nigga!
Doing four much with five, I be, my nigga!
Six thousand and seven hundred degrees, my river!
Ate a earregular mind state, but it fried N9ne's liver, huh?!

[Hook: Tech N9ne] (x2)
Earregular, we're nebula
Dear secular listeners, we're here next to ya
Giving you fear messed with original weird stress for ya
Peer pressure, the ignorant near deaf niggas!

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
I know that my style is diff'rent!
Meanwhile I get frowns and lips bent
He better know, we let it go, flee, never throw, glee at a ho, see that a pro
Will make the sounds breaking down the distance
I get my psyche blown, when I sit and write these songs
Then I fuck with my Nikes on: "Plop, plop, plop, plop!"
To the women it might be wrong, cause in the middle of the night he gone
And the wife of the night she's home: "Stop, stop, stop, stop!"
So many sicknesses that I get medicine, I get it up off a nigga
But it can never disappear, I know many get with this
But it's a couple of really stupid individuals looking for the N9na fate
Cause I innovate, and I be the Yates, they can disintegrate
Guess my sin it begins with the number before ten
And being a clown, always been and raised!
When I rhyme my design isn't mindless
You can find Tech, flowing up the divine stretch
Never spineless, spider K's a rhyme vet
And we ain't the only earregular since I got Stevie, Mayday and I signed Ces

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Y'all motherfuckers stuck on stupid (Duh!)
I tried to slow it, but my flow's no lucid, thing
I gotta be clever to do "This Ring"
You can feel it if you 67 or you 15 ("Aggin!")
Yeah, that's "nigga" backwards, Tech N9ne be that spitter master
With a Cris, with her mugs, and I'm with a grasher
Let a chick on the bus and I'm finna smash her
Could have been a bastard
Swimming in cash and the laughter, I'mma sinner faster
Better get a pastor

[Hook] (x2)
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