F.U.N. (Fuck You Niggas) Testo

Testo F.U.N. (Fuck You Niggas)

Are you ready for some F.U.N. tonight? Ha, are you ready for some F.U.N. tonight? I wanna have a little F.U.N., you wanna have a little F.U.N., everyone... let's have F.U.N., the F.U.N.'s begun...

[Verse 1:]
I'm different, you can see the Nina from a distance, my sick sense tell me you're hating on me again, persistent, jealousy, and resistance for my existence so I gotta go for ya chin, Workin out, you can keep on workin out, but your chin ain't workin out, now your teeth are burstin out, BAAANG! Fowl thangs lookin how thou came, so I gotta lift up the milimeter and eat them like chow man(e), I feel like F.U.N., that's why I will never be thus a real live one, the kind of F.U.N. that make them pull a 30 round drum, you givin me negativity and really sound dumb, when ya say to me "You still rappin? I ain't heard ya since '01."Don't make a nigga beat you down like showin up the Shogun, then have to glow son, I'm like the chose one, and you not knowin when to respect the Nina makes it like so F.U.N.!

Any time somebody come and disrespect I say F.U.N., When they trippin, look them in the eye and say F.U.N., when they get the picture they might go for they gun, they been hatin on me from day one! F.U.N.'s what ya need to say(Fuck U Niggas)Got guns on me either way(Fuck U Niggas)That's F.U.N. everybody say F.U.N.(Fuck U Niggas)Say(Fuck U Niggas)Hey(Fuck U Niggas)Alright

[Verse 2:]
Diamonds on my neck, got diamond on my wrists pierced diamond in their lips, so it's diamonds on my dick, that's yo chick, know when I rock the McRick spits sick, she strips quick cause Ninas big shit, and u say u ain't even heard nothin new played, since the calm befor the storm and u don't like today, that's the reason I gotta tell ya up fate oo yate, and I'm off in El Paso fuckin a bitch up in Guanalou Bay; I'm straight F.U.N with it, u niggas done did it, dumbshit... is when ya compare me my nigga Young with it(Cha)Now ain't that sum shit-it, we two different things, with two different schemes, but be off on yo ladies tongue with it, and I have her so sprung, when ya hate for nothin nigga we can get to bustin and puffin air out of your lung, that's how the mole run, I be like so stunned when u don't even rep respect ii so I go F.U.N.!


[Verse 3:]
Give me my props nigga, who u know got them yellin KC, MO overseas makin Europe straight hop nigga, I need a answer man, u a cancer man, and I'm rockin shippers, and Switzerland, and Amsterdam; Ask Snoop Dog, he will tell you all that I'm too tall to be studyin any of u goof balls, so gone u never find Nina like blue drawls, except on billboard or Post-Star so fuk(e) ya'll... I don't care where ya go all around the world, if u tell them... u from Kansas City.The first thing they gone say is "Do you know Tech N9ne? " and u better jeff and say "That's the Kansas City King, I love him! "

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