Give It Up Testo

Testo Give It Up

[feat. Lebowski & Ces Cru]

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
For real MC's only nigga
Everybody on this motherfucking flow
Is real shit right here
Lebowski hit em'!

So jittery, they think I'm back on it
So shivery, they be like that gone it
So quivery, they freeze at that moment
No liberty for [?] pretend is that [?]
Guess what!

Give it up cause' I never let you down [x4]

[Tech N9ne:]
You see maggot money, honeys everything I wanna really feel like wanna dude see clevage
Funny, dummy if you never heard of me tecca n9na's a beauty peep it a lot of groupies need it
If you are [?] if you don't like it then give it the backwards say [?] you gotta [?] leave it
So juicy when I beat it feed it [?] and I eat it like sushi better heat it steam it it
Makin' em crazy crazy never much to sway these ladies
If you talkin' bout me to a bitch and she don't suck a dick she gon say she pay me
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