In The Air Testo

Testo In The Air

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
(feat. Craig Smith & Nesto the Owner)

Why call me underground when I rock the stars
And even they can't see me with a pair of binoculars
My hip hop gave em a good side swipe to mars
Bump dirt extinction hit what's left the lime light ajar

You want your scripts to fly, not in my solar system
Cause I dismiss 'em like they wish to die
Magmother nature and I rip the why
Civilian ladies love me so bro excuse her while she kiss the sky

Call me master more exulted than a priest to pastor
Blasphemy have me blast fags fast with magma
In the air like Delta and Dasher high in the sky up on mountains off in Alaska
Higher than a million heroin hits if it will last ya

Super celestial and everyone stuck off in the pasture
The wack I will cast ya down below those who get caught up in my rapture
Don't be calling me dog cuase I want you to say it backwards
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