Unfair Testo

Testo Unfair

[feat. Ces Cru & Krizz Kaliko]

And the road gets, harder with flow spits, cause we represent that Kansas City Mo shit, Double Doses, Tech Kalikosis, But ran into a duo that's ferocious, some of the best two, kill you no rescue, they say that you gotta spit hot 16's before you step through, and they say everybody, nigga even tech do, now we gotta explain our journey to the Ces Cru

[Tech N9ne:]
I'm on a pilgrimage to the rhyme mecca
Because I'm Tecca
And this mind left ya
Down at the bottom because n9ne's betta
And if swines ever find the quest to try and test the cleverness
They in a mess bind and yes I sever decay em and define pressure
I'm a spit it for
Big wars and not a critic whore
Hit ignore
I got acidic core
In this war your not a winner pause
Wanna pla-ay every da-ay
Sta-ay for the way I spra-ay sa-ay
You gotta pa-ay that's ya-ay and ay-ay
Bumblebee tuna
Don't be smelling like it if your under me rumors
Will begin about you from hugry pumas
Hoping wising prayin when your gonna be sooner
When I dead em I get up in the head of the nigga that said it
I'm pickin the lead up then wet em look like a predator, I'm a get em n let em pass
Skip the peace it ain't no humble we luna
Moon stricken

Rednecks sayin who them coones rippin
Pick em up
Take em off to my land in my van a lotta room
Get in and in
When I catch my flow tryin ta wake up your style
But you fucked up like, uh oh
I'm a make up for it now

It's unfair to be such a motherfucking rarity
Beware that we terminate squares if he dares to be a parody
Of this clarity we dare to be sherrifs swear we need therapy
Prepare to see nare any spared carelessy beverly there it's unfair
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