Uralya Testo

Testo Uralya

Shut the fuckup!
Before you get bust the fuck up!
And you wonder why we hogged and tied ya?!
Cause you're a motherfuckin' liar!

(You suffer from)

[Hook] (x2)
I don't give a damn about what come out your mouth, fuck no
You ain't comin' real with us, don't chill with us, just go
The biggest I've ever seen, I mean everything I say
But you got U-R-A-L-Y-A!

[Verse 1]
Kill the shit, thinking like you got a feel for this
You’re not built for this
You're comin' really foul and it smell like dead gefilte fish
Liar liar, you created
Why ya why ya get true negated
Just mutilated, through the latest
Silly sucka what you fuck up because you the sadist
Don't do ya job like ya oughtta
I'm gonna beat ya like a pinata
Better yet I'm givin the devil a stigmata
Hit you with the hell of a Afrika Bambaataa (BOOM!)
Lay em on the ground
That's what you get for playin on a clown
Sayin that my sound, they don't wanna hear it, missed em
But I gave you money, to get the shit done!
I don't wanna hear it from ya, spirit's under
Attack attack, you're the nearest one
To get fed up from raps racks and steal his numbers
Cause they DJ's that truely hit
But they already gave in to a newbee bitch
And that's booey ish, booey ish!
8-1 say, "That's booty ish!" (Yeahhh)

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]
You just told me that the DJs didn't feel us
Instead of telling me I should have paid more skrilla
For the amount that we gave in to the loss, I should have killed ya
But I was busy rocking 20,000 in Roskilde (Roskilde)
Aw shit, off of me you made profit
Brand new Benz, you done copped it, bought your bitch a new locket
Came in talking that boss shit, now my bizz, you done lost it
But look how much it all costed, the music industry's a hog bitch

Man, I really wanna kill them and in this business it's hard to get your dough
When you kill a motherfucker the consequences they are predictable
Would you starve and quit to flow? And it be hard to get the dough
But you're barking chicks to blow, * * * *, far more shit to show!

[Hook] (x2)

[Bridge 1] (x2)
You take our cake and we trust that you made
Hefty investments to get our shit played
Not being straight but straight slick is your trade
Watch who you jerk cause when jerked you get sprayed

[Bridge 2]
Welcome to my Boiling Point, motherfuckers!
We put our trust in these motherfuckers and they suffer Uralya disease
Fuck you motherfuckers!

[Hook] (x2)

K.O.D. ain't going nowhere...ever (played backwards)
Hey, you, hope you, have a, happy, fuckin, samhain, festival, bitch, yes, N9ne!"
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