You Don't Want It Testo

Testo You Don't Want It

(feat. Big Krizz Kaliko, Mr. Reece and Prozak)

When You See Me Smilin'
I'm Really Frownin'
You Think You Really Wilin'
I'm Killa Klownin'
Meaning I Don't Give A Fuck About Nothin'
You Say That You Do Because Stupid
Iz How Everybody Soundin'

Niggah You Think You Know Me
But Only If You Knew Me Homie
You Leave Me By My Lonely
I'm Thinkin' Death And Destruction
Imagez Of Blood N Pus And
I Ain't Lookin' For Nothin' But Trouble
Thinkin' Of Murderin' You When I'm Just Loungin'

That'z Just The Devil (Just The Devil)
Block It Out And Keep It Movin'
I'm Evil And This Pussy That I'm Pursuin'
Gimme The Bible Yes I Need It
Cuz Tecca Nina'z In Ruin
Mentally I'm Fuckin' Up When I Really Don't Know What I'm Doin'
My Tolerance For Physical Pain Is Gained Rapidly
I'm Gobblin' More Thizzlez Than Thangz But It Came Back At Me
The Holy Father Musta Flipped And Became Mad At Me
Because I'm Ponderin' A Wicked Insane Strategy
How To End It All?
Many Men Will Fall
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