All You Got Testo

Testo All You Got

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Here the lights fall just as hard
A bit softer in the stall
It's not really wrong
It's not really right
I'm wide awake
She's upfront upshot
Upstart up in every case
The kind of girl that whispers
Thank god for you
Oh yeah all you got is me
Oh yeah all you need is me
Her confusion is in the night that I stumbled
It's in the morning that I that I struggled
Because I start to forget
But she will always remember
The kind of girl who laughs and says
Get up off your knees
Oh yeah all you need is me
Oh yeah all you want is me
So you come and so you go
Tell me how hard how fast
Baby tell me how high I must go
Tell me what you want
And tell me what you need
Tell me how hard how fast
Baby how high I must go
Oh yeah well all you need is me
This is the time of my life
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