Clever Meals Testo

Testo Clever Meals

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
They aren't desperate for love and affection
They're desperate for you
And as they sit out there all sly and sure
Does anyone feel as they do
I'm quite sure we'll find one another
In a place better than this
A time filled with us
And we'll send up our shooting stars and comets
And we'll make our little gestures
We'll make our little comments
This song is my anthem and it makes up my ideals
And who I am
Has benefitted from
All my cleverly planned meals
I'm stripped and vital
And I see rules that almost fit
And if I voice my opinion
Will you stay and sit
And as I stand here screaming in despair
I say yes this is my life
And yes you should care
This song is my anthem and it makes up my ideals
And who I am has benefitted from
All my cleverly planned meals
Hardly happy at all
And I'm ready to take the fall
We pay for the stupid things
We've done where I come from
Can you sit through this
Or is it gonna be too deep
Will you ever use common sense
I hear it comes pretty cheap
And if I speak more clearly
If I make more sense
Will you shut your mouth
You won't come across so dense
Close your eyes and then you free your mind
You're free to fly
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