Frozen Testo

Testo Frozen

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
It's not far to go it's not far at all
It's not far to go you're not far at all
Pools out back waters so cold
There's not much said that I don't know
The difference between frozen hands and feet
You come right out and you ask me
Nobody ever asks me
In the pool out back water to my chest
Towel lying in the grass
It looks a lot worse than it seems
But you know baby that's just me
We can only hope that it might be me
It's not far to go you're not far at all
And darlin darlin darlin darlin yeah
Looking for a laugh wanna stop back
When you're done whining
And taking things back
I'll be there as always feet submerged
And probably frozen
We can only hope that I'll be frozen
Enough of that as if I care as if I need to know
Like I was there
But if I was you just call my name call my name
And I'll be there if you call my name
You know I'll be there
Imagine you're so far away no matter what you do
No matter what you say
You couldn't stop the world for a moment
In the middle of good-bye
You stop in to say hi is it all right if I say hi
It's not far to go it's not far at all
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