Our Trees Testo

Testo Our Trees

There is mass confusion in the forest
I heard it on the radio
And they're bringing in some guy
And he is gonna go on
About all the things he don't know
And there's some girl in the background
Screaming something about missing trees
And I'm wondering
Where did they go?
No lines on the highway no passing they say
No green to my left and no green to my right
And the man behind the axe
Always gets a full meal
Cause green never puts up much of a fight
So here's some helpful hints
Some breath assured pints
Full of beautiful grace so we steal their space
And death comes quickly
So we pull up to our double car garage hideaways
And we start to say
Where did all the trees go?
They moved across the street to grow
Where did all the trees go?
Does anyone know?
Where did all the lights come from
They say you're big before you're small
I'm sure glad I don't know it all
If the trees could be lions
Would they still fall and be tagged
Would they refuse to surrender, refuse to be gagged?
If the trees had a mother and a father like mine
Would they stand up say praise the trees
The trees will be fine
Wake me up from this dream and tell me
Things aren't as bad as they seem
And tell me is it so not cool to say
Who will save the trees
Will it be me
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