Your Silence Testo

Testo Your Silence

As you're lying there testing my resolve
My mind is clearing
Solution slowing taking hold
I feel you fading
Your grip is slipping

But from the deepest sleep you sting.

Illusions of innocence deceive
And cloud my reason
But your faith in my weakness gives me strength
Strength to resist you
To overcome you.

And when the morning comes you'll be gone.

You don't
Your silence says that you don't
You don't

Of all the things I think aren't right
Of all the chaos in my life
Of all the grinding teeth at night
Of all the fevers
I am delivered

I'm delivered now that you're gone.

You don't, your silence says that you don't.

Captured all my memories
Can't take away my melody
Can't take away what I've saved for myself
I believe I will breathe easily
The moment you set me free.

You don't, you don't - love me.
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