Caught Off Guard Testo

Testo Caught Off Guard

What's a day to you?
does it seem like a year has passed and gone?
time is motionless
but we keep moving whilst it drags along
and i thought you left
you packed your things and ran out on me
and i thought you kept
the feelings that were once part of me

so lets rest our voices
our greek chorus

say it wrong
say it right
then we'll keep it out of sight
hold onto what you want to
keep it loose
keep it tight
please don't speak to me tonight
i'm not ready for you

see you moving slow
writhing once, then settling to rest
hypnotizing everyone you see with your red sequin dress
and it burns so much
that i can't breathe
it's hurting my eyes
take your friends with you
and carry on being something i despise

just get out of my face fast
i don't care about our past
you gave that up when i caught you
scream and bitch and slap and moan
satisfaction can't be loaned
that was when i adored you
but now its gone
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