Stupid World Testo

Testo Stupid World

If you were at the bus stop
And I tapped you on the shoulder
When you looked at me,
Would you spit in my face?
If I were a little older
If I were a little smarter
If I looked more like my father?

I don't want to live in this stupid world
I don't fit in, in this stupid world

The woman in the window
Never leaves the house
But heart attacks don't have to travel far
Afraid of all the danger
The city streets can conjure
Her room becomes her coffin

When does push come to shove?
I've felt nothing but a punch
A dirty look can say so much
All the cowards in this room
Staring blankly at their shoes
I wish that there was more I could say to you.

Living in a napalm dream
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