Read My Lips (I Dig Your Scene) Testo

Testo Read My Lips (I Dig Your Scene)

The answer is... Yes!
My sweet babe,
How many times do I have to tell you?
How many ways do I have to find
To tell you that you're mine - all mine?
Does a moth fly to a flame?
Does a man cling to his name?
Turn your head around my sweet babe
Look at me and...

Read my lips I, dig your scene...
I'm a match in your kerosene
I dig your scene, baby...
I dig it... I dig it...

My precious dear,
Push your coins aside...
Draw the veil above your fears
And lay back in the coming tide
'Twas a player playing a game
Would I seem to cause you pain?
Baby, baby, baby...
I'm not a player, I'm you dragon slayer

I'm your dragon slayer babe...
So bow your head
Read my lips I dig your scene
Read my lips...
Read my lips I dig your scene
I dig your scene...

Get it!

Baby, baby, girl...
The inflection in your sigh
Suggests that in a finer field of gentle graces
You heard love's lullabye
As the light holds the reins of day
Will you believe me when I say...
You're the sugar honey ice in tea
Baby, baby, now look at me now...

Read my lips I dig your scene

Look at me babe
Look at... Look at...
I'm a match in your kerosene
I really dig your scene, baby...

Get it!

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