Brotherly Love Testo

Testo Brotherly Love

(feat. Ed Rock, Snuk)

It's strictly for the fam right here baby
This one right here is for all my niggas
I love you niggas man
Ain't no other way to get around it baby
We family now
ST Da Squad baby
Shit it's the most hardcore thing in the world
When you can admit you love your niggas, you know
Snuk holla at them

Ain't nothin' I won't do for the click
Yeah burners will pop
You cocksuckers fuck with Term or The Rock
This ST DOT reppin' so
This for the times I was falling
And y'all done held me hand hard, never lettin' go
Rock the one, T the best
As for the kid Snuk man
Me I'm next
This is cool love, ST till I die
Untill my body's laid to rest and they bless me in the sky
I, got brotherly love
We brothers so, if ever we beef, sweep it under the rug
It ain't hard to brag, when you got a squad this bad
Man sometimes y'all was all I had
So in appreciation of y'all, we ain't skatin' at all
We right here wether we make or fall
And spittin' bars to mics is all I am
But it's nothin' without ST Da Squad, my fam

[Chorus x2: Ed Rock]
Ain't nothing I wouldn't do for the click
I'll knuckle your grill
Fuck with the squad bloodpuddle's will spill
My niggas I love you for real
Stick together wether we splittin' a dollar or a couple of mill

Ayo all my nigga fixing to ride
I had the only babyshower with a 100 niggas inside
All thugs who had beef, but for just 1 night
We can hang up the guns and just let it be peace
To my nigga Ed Rock, you provided my clothes
For Hood Politics, dog I'm behind you fosho
Peace to my nigga Snuk, you let me borrow you bed
Like it was a hotel, we baggin' them wholesale
And to the rest of my click, as soon as I get
On BET, ST Da Squad you next
And to my nigga DC, just give me a holla
If you ever got a problem, I'm there with the heat
Your my blood, my vein, my squad, my name
ST my gang, I love, no shame in my heart
My niggas all one in the same
Rich or your poor, my niggas I love you the same

[Chorus x2]

[Ed Rock:]
I was told never trust a soul
But I made an exception, I got full trust in my click
But I feel like it must be told, dog
I'm spraying this weapon if you ever try to fuck with my click
It's much deeper than rap, it's an infinite bond
It's like we all brothers, but from different moms
You gotta keep your niggas alarmed
The burner that I grip in my palm
Is spittin' if you do my niggas some harm
Cause I stay mad tight with the squadron
And if I got a meal, I'll give you the last bite if your starving
Just holla if there's something that you need for your kids
You ain't gotta place to stay, then you can sleep in the crib
For real, walk hard just strive to the finish
The world is yours my niggas, the sky is the limit
And wether if it's mills they hand me
Or I never make it in this game
We gonna still be family
That's real

[Guru:] "And for my peeps I truly care
Cause without some of them I wouldn't be here" [x4]

[Q-Tip:] "Let's get it together no matter the weather"

[Mos Def:] "I'm about to murk, I say peace to the family"
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