This Is Hip Hop Testo

Testo This Is Hip Hop

[Chorus: Scratches by DC]

Yeah yo yo.
I was a young cat listening to Snoop and Dre
Trying to memorize the words that they used to say
It's like this and like that and like this and uh
It's like that and like this and like that and uh
That was back in 92, I was only 10, holding pens
Back before rap was all about the bling
I was a young prince kickin' my style
Not knowing one day I'd be the king of my town
Now, sittin' around just blazin' them pounds
At the age of 15
Rap was only a dream
Then a brother got a demo
And some money to settle
Now I'm 20 years young
And the best where I'm from


Yo. I remember 88 with the backspin
Back when it was more to hip-hop then rappin'
Back when everybody spit it with a passion
Time, time, time, time for some action
Back when Iron Mike Tyson was the one to be
Marley Marl and Pete Rock had hottest beats
Queen Latifah had the video for human teeth
Around the time that crack fucked up the community
It was the golden age era for rap
Nothing like now-a-days with all these terrible cats
Listening to Kane and to Kool G, it's a wrap
Everytime you bought an album you just knew it was fat
Way back, before I had the Sony walkman with playback
Before I had the A deck, Hydro and a hayracks
Before the invention of DVD's
And KRS put it down for the BDP


Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Eating Skittles and digging in the fridge again
Back when the doc said that Term needed some Idelin
On a mission and trying to get them dividends
Back when I spit for anybody that was listenin'
Remember pitchin' and a dollar for a nickle and
In 95 Mobb Deep had The Infamous
As a young kid, it was a bad influence
I had the police trying to take my fingerprints
Cash rules everything around me - CREAM get the money
4-5-6 give me that 20
That was the hot shit gettin' funds playin' dice
Spending our studio time and adding ice
So I can relate to The Roots man they said it right
Hip-hop your the love of my life, like

[Termanology:] Is real hip-hop and uh
[Termanology:] That's real hip-hop and uh
[Termanology:] Is real hip-hop and uh
"Public Enemy"
[Termanology:] That's real hip-hop and uh
"Kool G Rap and Polo"
[Termanology:] That's real hip-hop and uh
"A Tribe Called Quest"
[Termanology:] That's real hip-hop and uh
"Big Daddy Kane" [T]That's real hip-hop and uh
"Ed O.G."
[Termanology:] That's real
[Termanology:] Hip-hop [x8]

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