Enemies In Sight Testo

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Testo Enemies In Sight

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So you're gonna tell me what's hardcore
Pass judgement on me and distort my words
I fucking gave my life to this
I talk too much, I contradict myself
I do the same old thing, I'm full of myself
Say what you say, it holds no weight

I'm looking you in the eyes
Keep my enemies in clear sight

No more dead weight, cut it away
The force of vengence is inside of me
It's all coming back at you

Till my heart stops this lives through me
Tried and true, proven longevity
It's you that cracks with time

I'm looking you in the eyes
Keep my enemies in clear sight

I hope by now you know where this is coming from
30 long years and I'm still core as fuck
Time to shut you down, put you in check
Smash the truth in you face, and send you on your way
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