Flatland Boogie Testo

Testo Flatland Boogie

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey Up on the Caprock
Me and my baby ride
Goin a hundred miles an hour
Cause this old Ford can still fly
Got Four Roses in a sack
An we ain't lookin' back tonight

Some top 40 Shorty's
Singin on the radio
An there's cotton fields forever
On both sides of the road
It's till the Flatland Boogie
But where did the Wolfman go

Old photographs turn yellow
Times they come and go
But we can still do the boogie
From the High Plains to Mexico
Some old Angel from Amarillo
Must be helpin us to hold it on the road
Moonlight's a fallin
Look at that caliche glow
An old coyote's a howlin

Doesn't know he's too old
Headlights a shinin
On all we ever need to know

Cross the Llano Estacado
Baby's till by my side
Ain't no reason to stop
An there ain't no place to hide
You want to Flatland Boogie
Better flat out come and ride

Repeat chorus
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