My D.N.A. Testo

Testo My D.N.A.

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
A vaccination at an early age
shape shifting reptiles rule the maze
the polar shifts, dimensions will merge
obey their god, obey their word

ain't gonna be electricity
all yer money's in a bank machine
on a prison planet nobody leaves
police, police, police

three day black out nothing works
death count is gonna be two thirds
a civil wars, the choice award
obey their god, obey their word

underground cities at the embassy
groom lake has a time machine
Nevada has the secret police
The secret police!

D.N.A , D.N.A.
my D.N.A.!
D.N.A , my D.N.A.
.Police. Police, my D.N.A.
Police, Police, Police, Police
My D.N.A.