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Testo Shakespeare Wrote

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Love, what a kind word
a word so full of life
It often brings tears of joy
to those who try and fly by
those who never seem
to embrace the joy
that one word can bring
yet, should every day feel like spring?

Is love so sweet without the bitterness
of a souls broken, lonely heart
for how can one fully enjoy the highs of love
when they haven't been to the depths of sorrow

Love, what a kind word
a word so full of life
placing worth upon a soul
who feels worthless otherwise
those who never seem to be hurting
are usually the ones that need us most
yet, should we ever lose hope? no!

and although the pain brings tears of discomfort
hope still lingers
love is strong, love is deep, love is pure, love will keep
you afloat in a sea of unhope
so "find thy love", Shakespeare wrote
and follow that dream to keep you afloat
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