Blood Of The Victorious King Testo

Testo Blood Of The Victorious King

When gods conquered the world- I was born
To my mind- I was born when Satan descended
Through the haunted lambs of my dreams
I wander
Through the painful death
I wander
Between the dream and reality
There's only fear (of living)
In the cold silver bright of the stars
I'm dancing the lifeless dance of the ancient spell

I'm the blood of the victorious king
No mortal knows my path to darkness
...and there was the desert without end
...and there was the god- forsaken joy
I'm the destroyer of all what is tranquility
Once you'll open your eyes and you'll see
That for the mortals my absence is unreal

With the gods of the immortal hatred
I'm wandering through the thorny ways of existence

I'm the blood of the victorious king
I'm the destroyer of all what is tranquility
I'm the anger and the bloodlust
I'm the eye of Satan

Demigods! Witches! Stormbringers! Be at my side!
Fires! Fires! Flames of Armageddon be at my side!

With no dust I signify my time
It's with murders to quench my thirst of duration

Warlocks! Blasphemers! Fallen ones! Be at my side!
Shadows! Nightmares! Children of the night! Be at my side!

Created by sin we'll never pass
The are the curse against the laws of weak
We are the blood in the veins of the victorious king

Everything lay wasted destroyed in my poisonous breath
The ruins are my new beginning...
...Within the desperation of humanity
The world has to die for my order
Extermination is my new beginning...
...As the god lay weeping

The skies will turn black for my order


The life has to die for my order

I'm the eclipse
I'm the solstice
I'm the heart...
...all of the demons
Night will arise for my order
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