Chaos Reigns Over Megiddo Testo

Testo Chaos Reigns Over Megiddo

[Music written by Necrosodom Anno 2003]

Praise the almighty kings of chaos-no light reigns over Megiddo
Praise them who made firestorms-thunder reigns over Megiddo
I swore the oath of chaos, that in my realm so pure
Dismal deity reveal so obscure
Holiness exterminate in the hostile so lethal
Loathe ness of life in its sinful dwell
Griminess extremism of drastic condemnation

Chaos reigns over Megiddo-In malignancy sacrilegious
Satan reigns over in tempest of sadism, aghast become

Praise the atrocious malediction-outrage in pest deformed
Praise the sanguineous voracity-abomination of devilish manifest
I swore the eternal hate to religion. that in my realm so pure
Dismal deity reveal so obscure
Cadaverous anguish in it's hostile excommunicated
Obedience of humilation. Putrified war cry and anxiety
Phantasmagoria celestial-evangelical falsehood
In miasma lugubrious. in ineffable nausea of sacredness

Chaos reigns over Megiddo-fulsome cruelty executed
Satan reigns over Megiddo-pernicious bigotry' befouled

[Written by Aryman]
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