Die With Your Religion Testo

Testo Die With Your Religion

Die with your religion

The time has come to see the truth once again
There's no mercy for those who left the ancient king
Spirit of timeless philosophers returns
Children impaled on the horns of goat

Lambs will die with his religion

We were spawned by Satan's wrath
Born to drown the Earth in blood
Rape the angels in the embraces of death
Son of god must be crucified again

Sodomize the holy whore
Spit in the face of cruel hoax
Destroy all who oppose us
Crush the worshippers of merciful bastard

Die with your religion

...Hail Satan
...Hail Satan
Burn...Jehovah and Christ
...Hail Satan

Let the demons gather
... Blood will flow
Let the dragoon swallow the world
...Blood will flow
Slay the whole world to sacrifice

Lucifer will laugh at your pity religion

Sodomize the holy whore
Spit in the face of cruel hoax
Praise the beast in the underworld
Sworn the unwritten oath

...Black dawn comes
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