Impious Bewitchments Of Aberration Testo

Testo Impious Bewitchments Of Aberration

[Music written by Necrosodom Anno 1997]

Mesmerizing vapor shall preside perversion
Impious bewitchments of aberration
Defilement reborn invokes necrophilia
Perpetual legacy of Gomorrah

Demons of despite in wickedness announced
Triumph ants that sow the glorious deviation
Ravishers of odium who disgraced the effeminate jehovah
God worshipped by childfucking christian preachers

Crucified fag in spasmodic shivering
Salivate excited in waiting
To suck satanic member erected
To soak with sperm his throat of redeemer

Holy virgin moans in delightful defloration
Eagerness for depravity has grown
Impurity is the essence of her womb of bitch
In taste of the hooker's flavor us moisture

Impurity and aberration that is adored
In pleasant memories of penetration
Longing of rape is the lust that soil
Slutmother of christ - The molested whore

[Written by Aryman]
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