Key To The Century Of Death Testo

Testo Key To The Century Of Death

Still exist in the world without sense
We're waiting for the final war
We, the soldiers of eclipse locked in the human shells
We're waiting for the endless war
Against the world and the fool humanity
We're key to the century of death

Our lord descends on earth to spread the suffering and pain
Dumb prophets proclaim new heaven on Earth
We're the hammer of revenge
They built the monuments of liar inside the hearts of the weak
We're the altar of blood
We'll show them the true face of the Nazarene's dog
The key to the century of death

We, the followers of death summon the horned beast to awake
Into the mystical depths of pandemonic abyss
Condemned souls are dancing the eternal dance
Can you see the vision of end?
We're the key to the century of death
We're the sign of his forthcoming

The ashes of souls will cover Him with dark shroud
As the statue on the altar hidden in nightside
He arisen over the screaming crowd
Over the fools, the scum and the cross
As the oracle and the prophecy of the new beginning
His words are hidden into necromantical rites
His joy is hidden in every shout of the murdered victim
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