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Testo Lord Of Creation

Inserito il 31 Dicembre 2005
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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...Path of the chosen leads through the dusk
Castle of the sons of eternity
Fallen angels with haughty countenances
Burning like crosses in the days of revenge

Thousands of hells vision returns to me
Unborn thoughts plaits me like a mountain mist
Strained in slowly painful dying
I'm your breath fulfilled with supreme hatred
I'm the darkness in your mind

Eons have past since I was born
The first sinner fed me with innocent blood
Through the realms of darkness I'm wandering
Closed in my own cold desert

Far away from any human thoughts
I'm the one with eternal dusk

No mortal knows the dreams I have
The gates of stars I have passed
I'm the pain of whole human kind
I'm the crow upon the battleground

Bow before me!
I'm your lord of creation
Deep inside your mind
My name is carved

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